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Johnson Creek is arguably one of the foremost pioneer brands in the vaping devices and accessories industry, not only in the United States, but also in the entire globe. At first, this company solely focused all its business operations in the e-juice segment of this given industry. As some of its earliest press releases assert, it was extremely eager to manufacture the very best premium e-liquids that was to be had in the market. When it did eventually develop this one of a kind product, this firm went on to claim that it was so exceptionally better than all the rest of the products that where in market. This state of affairs prompted this company to give it a special and unique name. This was the advent of Smoke Juice.

Johnson Creek’s Smoke Juice

As would be expected, up to this moment, Smoke Juice is still the staple product which this vaping devices maker has to offer to its clients on a global scale. Essentially, as the years have passed by, this product has developed into a line of high quality e-juice, which comes in a large selection of different flavors. Like most of its competitors in this business, Johnson Creek provides this product in differing bottle sizes. While also offering several nicotine strengths from which you can conveniently choose the ideal variety that matches your distinct personal tastes and inclinations.

Vea e-cigarette

In the year 2012, this company went on to develop and ultimately release its very own unique e-cigarette device, which was specifically designed to suitably compliment the Smoke Juice series of e-liquids. It decided to label this product; the Vea. As such, there was nothing very remarkable about this e-cigarette as when it was contrasted with most other alternatives that were to be had in the market. However, it has over the years, proved to be one of the finest e-cigarettes that have ever been developed. Most particularly when it comes to its unparalleled performance, durability and also reliability.

Vaping accessories

Like virtually all players in this business that only offer a single or even two devices, Johnson Creek is noted for providing just a handful of vaping accessories. The accessories that are meant to be utilized with the Vea e-cigarette battery are offered in a standardized 510 thread. This goes a long way in making sure that they are seamlessly compatible with other vaping devices from other different brands in this industry. This firm also, specifically provides canteens, which are basically its own unique variety of cartomizers. Designwise, this product happens to be slim and comes with a rather plain looking appearance. Nevertheless, over the several years it has been available in the market, it has come to be highly acclaimed for been able to carry out its functions in markedly excellent manner.

A well organized sales website

Johnson Creek drawing on its vast experience in this given business, has been able to put in place a very user friendly official website. This site is highly organized and it facilitates for a convenient and hassle-free online shopping experience for both newbies vapers together with the more seasoned ones. For example, each of the e-liquid flavors that this company offers is distinguished by its distinctive size as well as the strength of its throat hits.

When ordering cartridges, this Green Smoke cartridges review will give you information on the options that are available to you. When ordering through the Green Smoke site, you will receive the Flavor Max cartomizer; this patented cartridge design is created to enhance the flavor experience, and to ensure you are not going to taste a burnt flavor when you are enjoying your favorite e cig product line.

When ordering the flavors of choice, there is more than one way to save. Customers can order 1 five pack, or the 20 or 40 pack option. For those who want to save, the 60 and 80 pack cartridges are also available. In addition to providing a lower price per flavor cartridge, the 60 and 80 pack will also include a free battery along with the order, so you are going to save even more. When you order in bulk, you can mix match the flavors, so that you can enjoy the blends you like the best, and also so you can save on the cost per cartomizer that you will receive in that order.


Mountain clove, tobacco gold, menthol ice, mocha mist, chocolate, and vanilla are the flavor options that Green Smoke offers to consumers. Customers can also order a variety pack, which will incorporate the flavors that you want to enjoy, or want to try, so you can find the blends that you like best for your future orders.

When ordering from the different bulk options and flavor blends, customers can also decide on how much nicotine they would like with the flavor cartomizer as well. Zero, ultra light (.6%), light (1.2), medium (18.%), or full (2.5%) are the options which you can order. If you are trying to quit smoking altogether, you can start with ultra light, and slowly go down to zero, so you can eliminate nicotine altogether. If you want to continue to use nicotine, there are also the other options that are available to you. But, with each of these, the nicotine levels are still well below what you are going to receive, in comparison to what you are used to smoking with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Regardless of the flavors that you enjoy, or the nicotine that you want to ingest, there is more than one option that is available to you, when you are going to order your flavor cartomizers from Green Smoke. Not only is there the option to order one pack, or order up to 16 at a time in bulk so you can save; but, when you order, you also decide on the flavors and how much nicotine you want in the cartomizers that you order through the site.

Customers are in complete control of the order, and you can decide which flavor blends to enjoy. With a variety of options, and with more than one great blend, you can find what you are looking for, and the new flavors that you want to try, when you place an order with Green Smoke for your flavor cartomizer purchases.

njoy ecig

Do you know that you can save a lot of money using Njoy promo codes and coupons? Well, our deals enable you to get some of the best prices on electronic cigarette’s accessories, starter kits, e-liquids as well as cartridges.

njoy promo code 2016

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Nowadays, electronic cigarettes seem to be making its name in the cigarette industry. In places where there is a smoking ban, smoking can still be enjoyed by people who want the thrill and sensation of smoking cigarettes in any place they want. It can be safely used whether in pubs and clubs and can be equally utilized in school, at the office or out in the streets. It can be predicted that soon, this will replace the traditional cigarettes. Because of the ill effects the standard cigarette contributes to our health, people are slowly shunning away from its use, and turning to electronic cigarettes.

Njoy electronic cigarette reviews reveal that these e-cigarettes are battery-operated. They appear and taste much like the real tobacco cigarettes without the tobacco component. It is the healthiest replacement for the standard cigarette which has shown to be hazardous to one’s health. It’s built with an atomizer made up of various strengths of liquid nicotine based on your taste. You can start inhaling from the heavy nicotine level down to the minimal one right until such time when you don’t enjoy smoking anymore and you will be able to escape the bad habit.

An Njoy review of the cigarette states that the atomizer actually acts as a filter for the nicotine, although there are some products without the nicotine ingredient. The atomizer heats the nicotine liquid, vaporizes it and the smoker inhales it, just like what is done to a real cigarette. There is no burning that is involved hence, there is no unwanted smell clinging to your clothes, no ash hence eliminating the mess in the surrounding areas and no cigarette butts avoiding the piles of trash these waste is contributing to the landfills.

The key feature of Njoy electronic cigarette review is that often it has been confirmed and tested that these cigarettes are created from safe substances that doesn’t render harm to the body. In reality, it is the most healthy alternative to the usual smoking of traditional cigarettes without the side effects along with the harmful effects. It does not contain cancer-causing chemicals that will lead to lung cancer and other diseases for instance smoker’s cough, respiratory illnesses, diabetes and cardio-vascular disorders.

Njoy electronic cigarette reviews suggests the usage of these electronic cigarettes as an alternative to the standard cigarettes since they’re safe, easily available and can be enjoyed anywhere you want to. Whenever you have the desire to smoke, electric cigarettes still supply the same smoking sensation and can be enjoyed as it is as useful when compared with the traditional cigarette.

V2 Cigs coupon

Do you know that you can save a lot of money using V2 cigs promo codes and coupons? Well, promo codes and coupons enable you to get some of the best prices on electronic cigarette’s accessories, starter kits, e-liquids as well as cartridges.

V2 Cigs coupon

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You only need to enter the promo code you have chosen at checkout and you will be good to go. V2 Cigs verifies its promo codes on a daily basis to ensure that they are working. With such great deals, it does not make sense to buy products elsewhere when you can save up to 40% using these promo codes.

Founded in 2009, V2 offers pen sized electronic cigarettes. The manufacturer also provides its customers with manual and automatic batteries that come in different sizes, e- liquids versions that match with the cartridge flavors as well as a wide range of starter kits.

The starter kits have a number of accessories including portable charging cases, USB pass through electronic cigarettes designed to make dedicated vapers happy vapor lovers happy. With over one million satisfied customers from all over of the world, V2 Cigs is among those brands that rarely disappoint. Whether you are a dedicated vaper or novice, V2 Cigs has something that will impress you.

V2 cigs are two piece types with four main color options in terms of the battery. This implies that you can buy something that resembles the actual cigarette to enjoy the vaping experience during this festive season. Furthermore, you can choose the automatic or manual styles of V2 cigarettes depending on your taste and preference.

In summary, if you want to enjoy your vaping experience without digging deeper into your pocket, then it is high times you considered V2 cigs. With the coupons and promo codes offered by this manufacturer, it is possible to save 10-40% on the prices of different products.

Vapor King Coupons

Vapor King strives to meet the specific needs of e-cig users. The company stocks a wide variety of e-cig products to allow customers to find the best products for them. The best thing about buying from this company is that you enjoy cheaper prices on high-quality smoking devices. If you want to save money on smoking, you can make use of our Vapor King coupons.

Vapor King Coupon

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Whether you are looking for e-cig starter kits, refill kits, juices, DIY juice kits or accessories, you can find them at Vapor King. The starter kits stand out from other kits sold by other companies. These kits are designed to give you a complete e-cig experience.

They give you the ability to smoke uninterrupted and replace components that are used up. Some of the kits include Kanger e-cig, Joytech eGo e-cig and Joytech cig-a-like. With Vapor King promotions, you can enjoy up to 55% off on the kits and make your smoking more satisfying.

The customer service at Vapor King is meticulous. From browsing the products on their website to having the products delivered to your place, you can enjoy a hassle-free process. The products are properly displayed on the website to allow you find the right ones.

If you want to contact the company, you can do it without difficulties. Find the contact details on the website. After you place your item on the shopping cart, the company takes the shortest time to deliver it to you.

When it comes to e-liquids, Vapor King offers an incredible number of them. The company sells only the reputable brands of e-cig juices. Some of them include Primo Vapor, Flavorz by Joe, Five Pawns Juice, Halo Juice USA, NicQuid and Liqua Italian E-liquids.

On the side of accessories, you can find batteries, chargers, atomizers and more from the company. Other e-cig items sold by this company include mods, tanks, attys, coils, disposables, gear and art. Enjoy the most affordable prices for all these products by utilizing the Vapor King discount code.

vapage starter kit coupon code

Vapage is an e- cig company located in southern California. It is a company considered a world premium leader in the manufacture of e- cig and high-quality product maker. They have a wide umber of models of electronic cigarettes, which have become a favorite for many customers and have additionally provide them with this Vapage coupon. They have also been able to grow and gain more clients despite the fact that there are so many e- cig companies out there.

Vapage coupon

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The company keeps in mind the needs of both their more experienced and new customers and users of their products. They have a starter pack for their users who prefer the mini cigs. These are the kind that are preferred by the people who are just starting out in using vapers. They are easy to use and do not require much coaching. They come with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger.

For being very loyal to their products and trusting the quality of the products given, Vapage is offering its customers coupons so they can save money on buying the e- cigs and maybe even increase the flavors the purchase from the huge savings they will make. The apage coupon is available for all online buyers. As a buyer, all you have to do is find a Vapage coupon code, copy it and paste it under your shopping where it says “coupon code”. Clicking the apply button will apply the discount to your shopping allowing you to save.

The company is aimed at providing its customers with the best quality products and are looking to give their customers as many flavors as possible. The company is known for the variety of flavors their products offer and the affordability the come with. The company has some of the best batteries in the market and gives customers great offers like the three batteries on the premium kit that are very convenient.


smoke stik starter kit coupon

A lot of e-cig brands are currently in the market and it can be a taxing task trying to figure out which one you should go to for your leisure needs. E-cigs generally have already surpassed tobacco cigarettes due to their presumed reduced health hazards and cheapness which would automatically give you a boost of lifestyle. There is still some tension nonetheless when it comes e-cigs, but here you will read all you need to know as well as receive a Smoke Stik coupon code.

Smoke Stik coupon

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Smoke Stik is your garden variety of electronic cigarettes with all the usual features like battery sets to power it, an LED at the end and an e-liquid which produces the vapor after it is heated by a coil. This smoke emitted is the one which you inhale and enjoy within a variety of flavors from your standard tobacco, menthol, water melon candy, cotton candy, etc. Smoke Stik products can be said to be standard given they can bring your vaping experience to an acceptable stage.

However Smoke Stik has a major problem when it comes to their products and that is the price. That’s right, their ciga likes go for quite a hefty price altogether. Well, yes they have good products but for the price they go at, that isn’t something which you will agree with them on. Their starter kits come in different color variants as their major differentia. The usual kit goes for as much as $39.95 which is unmistakably a lot while other ciga like brand kits can go for as low as $20. The remaining battery color variants by Smoke Stik are also hefty which can take the fun out of smoking all the same.

However there is one prime way you can still manage to enjoy Smoke Stik products. Simply said, these are discounts offered over Smoke Stik products. With them Smoke Stik promotions you can save a lot when buying starter kits, accessories and cartomizers. A lot of shops offer them while you engage your shopping gear on. You can also save cash on their products if you opt for their eGO starter kits. They hold the same vaping value at a fair price range.

Vapor Couture discounts

This electronic cigarette is certainly one for the young ladies. With the presentation of all the more masculine e-cigarettes, for example, the Starter Kit offered by Vapor Couture, it was just going to be a short time before an electronic cigarette was discharged particularly for the women out there. It’s delightful purple and gold site, beautiful text styles and sensitive looking e-cigarettes, it’s the Barbie universe of electronic cigarettes!  With that said please feel free to enjoy this Vapor Couture coupon.

Vape Couture coupon

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We adored the bundling that the Vapor Couture starter unit came in – it’s a long thin box with purple froth supplements, gold and purple in shading and exceptionally lavish looking. This is a rich young ladies e-cig; a style proclamation, maybe.

VC Deluxe Kit at $84.95 – this was the one that we went for. With this starter unit, we got:

  • 2 x programmed batteries
  • 2 x 5-packs of cartridges
  • 1 x grasp/convey case
  • 1 x Lanyard with an appeal
  • 1 x divider charger
  • 1 x USB charger

We would just to bring up a couple of things – firstly, the convey case/grasp is astounding for a lady. We found that there was sufficient space for the e-cig stuff we expected to bear, close by cash and cards. The mirror in the grasp unquestionably helps things along as well! It’s sumptuous and certainly intended for the ladies out there. It unquestionably spoke to the women inside of our group!

Vapor Couture Batteries 

This is the place things begin to get somewhat hip. You have four alternatives to look over with regards to the batteries:

  • Deep purple
  • Brushed platinum
  • Rose gold
  • Signature

The battery lasts a while – around 3/4 hours, perhaps more when you don’t chain-puff. This is just a 150mAh battery – it’s one of the littlest ones that you can discover in the realm of e-cigs. When you contrast this with the higher value, it scarcely appears to be justified, despite all the trouble.

Flavors and Cartridges 

Vapor Couture offers you six tasty sounding e-liquid flavors in your cartridges:

  • Bombshell (Tobacco flavor)
  • Rodeo Drive (Rich, All-American Tobacco)
  • Fresh Mint
  • Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry Champagne
  • Arctic Mint

The e-juice flavors weren’t extraordinary. We did have high trusts with the extravagant bundling and top notch feeling e-cigarette. The mint was a decent mint however the enthusiasm organic product had all the more a weak aftertaste than a legitimate fruity tang. With everything taken into account we observed the e-liquid flavors to be somewhat exhausting in nature. We have tried many other e-liquid brands such as Vista Vapors (use these Vista Vapors coupons for a discount on your juice) and Mt Baker Vapor and they are highly recommended for any vaper. For such a high cost with such an extravagant e-cigarette, we had expected a considerable measure, part more. Aside from their poor quality e-juice, Vapor Couture is overall a decent brand to try.


All in all, we were not too inspired with Vapor Couture. They look great and that abandons saying yet the high sticker price, constrained measure of flavors, and the way that nothing is perfect with the “Mother” e-cig, V2 Cigs yet you can just recover your focuses on that site simply doesn’t look good for

Vapor Beast discounts provides promotion coupons of between 5-15% depending on the occasions for their customers to enjoy discounted prices for all their products on their website. Here is an opportunity for you to enjoy vapor beast product at a low price. Stay in touch as we shall be updating our site each time a new vapor beast promotion code is generated. For now, please enjoy this Vapor Beast coupon.

Vapor Beast Coupon

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The vape shop each day slashes the price of its products by a great percentage and at times they offer discounts of up to 90%. While shopping for Vapor Beast or other e-cig accessories at vape shop make sure that you look for the discount codes before making the purchase as these codes will entitle you to great discounts. Why pay for the full amount when we have got Vapor Beast discount codes? It is also important to note that they offer free shipping for products purchased from their shop all year round.

Why shop at Vapor Beast:

There are numerous reasons why vapor beast shop should be your number one destination when shopping for e- cigarettes starter kits, e-cigar accessories, drip atomizers and other related products. These benefits include;
1. There is a wide variety of vaping supplies
2. Daily deal section that offers huge discounts on various items each day
3. every item bought attracts a 0% shipping fee. Where else can you get such a deal?
4. Their customer service is friendly and ready to answer your questions
5. Special wholesale prices
6. They have a return policy of 30 days after purchase of a product
7. You can track your order and view the activities till the order finally gets to you

Vapor Beast sells different brands of e-cigarettes. These brands include Vivi Nova, Smok tech, Boge, Vision among others. They also have products of different prices ranging from very cheap to very expensive. Some of their products include electronic cigarettes starters, cigars, hand crafted mods among others.
To get more information about these and more products and discounts visit