When ordering cartridges, this Green Smoke cartridges review will give you information on the options that are available to you. When ordering through the Green Smoke site, you will receive the Flavor Max cartomizer; this patented cartridge design is created to enhance the flavor experience, and to ensure you are not going to taste a burnt flavor when you are enjoying your favorite e cig product line.

When ordering the flavors of choice, there is more than one way to save. Customers can order 1 five pack, or the 20 or 40 pack option. For those who want to save, the 60 and 80 pack cartridges are also available. In addition to providing a lower price per flavor cartridge, the 60 and 80 pack will also include a free battery along with the order, so you are going to save even more. When you order in bulk, you can mix match the flavors, so that you can enjoy the blends you like the best, and also so you can save on the cost per cartomizer that you will receive in that order.


Mountain clove, tobacco gold, menthol ice, mocha mist, chocolate, and vanilla are the flavor options that Green Smoke offers to consumers. Customers can also order a variety pack, which will incorporate the flavors that you want to enjoy, or want to try, so you can find the blends that you like best for your future orders.

When ordering from the different bulk options and flavor blends, customers can also decide on how much nicotine they would like with the flavor cartomizer as well. Zero, ultra light (.6%), light (1.2), medium (18.%), or full (2.5%) are the options which you can order. If you are trying to quit smoking altogether, you can start with ultra light, and slowly go down to zero, so you can eliminate nicotine altogether. If you want to continue to use nicotine, there are also the other options that are available to you. But, with each of these, the nicotine levels are still well below what you are going to receive, in comparison to what you are used to smoking with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Regardless of the flavors that you enjoy, or the nicotine that you want to ingest, there is more than one option that is available to you, when you are going to order your flavor cartomizers from Green Smoke. Not only is there the option to order one pack, or order up to 16 at a time in bulk so you can save; but, when you order, you also decide on the flavors and how much nicotine you want in the cartomizers that you order through the site.

Customers are in complete control of the order, and you can decide which flavor blends to enjoy. With a variety of options, and with more than one great blend, you can find what you are looking for, and the new flavors that you want to try, when you place an order with Green Smoke for your flavor cartomizer purchases.

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