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Johnson Creek is arguably one of the foremost pioneer brands in the vaping devices and accessories industry, not only in the United States, but also in the entire globe. At first, this company solely focused all its business operations in the e-juice segment of this given industry. As some of its earliest press releases assert, it was extremely eager to manufacture the very best premium e-liquids that was to be had in the market. When it did eventually develop this one of a kind product, this firm went on to claim that it was so exceptionally better than all the rest of the products that where in market. This state of affairs prompted this company to give it a special and unique name. This was the advent of Smoke Juice.

Johnson Creek’s Smoke Juice

As would be expected, up to this moment, Smoke Juice is still the staple product which this vaping devices maker has to offer to its clients on a global scale. Essentially, as the years have passed by, this product has developed into a line of high quality e-juice, which comes in a large selection of different flavors. Like most of its competitors in this business, Johnson Creek provides this product in differing bottle sizes. While also offering several nicotine strengths from which you can conveniently choose the ideal variety that matches your distinct personal tastes and inclinations.

Vea e-cigarette

In the year 2012, this company went on to develop and ultimately release its very own unique e-cigarette device, which was specifically designed to suitably compliment the Smoke Juice series of e-liquids. It decided to label this product; the Vea. As such, there was nothing very remarkable about this e-cigarette as when it was contrasted with most other alternatives that were to be had in the market. However, it has over the years, proved to be one of the finest e-cigarettes that have ever been developed. Most particularly when it comes to its unparalleled performance, durability and also reliability.

Vaping accessories

Like virtually all players in this business that only offer a single or even two devices, Johnson Creek is noted for providing just a handful of vaping accessories. The accessories that are meant to be utilized with the Vea e-cigarette battery are offered in a standardized 510 thread. This goes a long way in making sure that they are seamlessly compatible with other vaping devices from other different brands in this industry. This firm also, specifically provides canteens, which are basically its own unique variety of cartomizers. Designwise, this product happens to be slim and comes with a rather plain looking appearance. Nevertheless, over the several years it has been available in the market, it has come to be highly acclaimed for been able to carry out its functions in markedly excellent manner.

A well organized sales website

Johnson Creek drawing on its vast experience in this given business, has been able to put in place a very user friendly official website. This site is highly organized and it facilitates for a convenient and hassle-free online shopping experience for both newbies vapers together with the more seasoned ones. For example, each of the e-liquid flavors that this company offers is distinguished by its distinctive size as well as the strength of its throat hits.

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